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What To Expect

Our primary goal is to give our patients their lives back. Dr. Gabella does not want to create a treatment plan that requires you to always have to come in for treatment. At Gabella Brain and Spine Clinic we want to treat you, get you better, and send you home to start living a happy healthy life you always desired. One of our primary goals is to have patients not need us. We want them to be as autonomous as possible. This is why we will work diligently to get every patient accustomed to their individualized at home exercises. We will prescribe and monitor weeks to months of individualized home-based therapeutic exercises and look forward to seeing you on your way to health and longevity.

  • Have you seen too many doctors or practitioners with little to no results?
  • Have you been told there is nothing that can be done to help your symptoms?
  • Do you have a brain-based condition that seriously affects or limits your life and happiness?
  • Are you not thrilled about your life anymore because of your chronic health issues?
  • Are you an athlete looking to improve your overall performance?
  • Do you suffer from repetitive sports injuries or chronic pain?
  • Are you suffering from post concussion symptoms that never go away?

Chiropractic Visits

Chiropractic Visits are based on the patient’s individual needs and may consist of a variety of musculoskeletal modalities and manual therapy such as adjustments. Visits can be as short or extensive depending on the Patient’s preference.

Concierge Healthcare visits to your home or work office. NOW AVAILABLE

Comprehensive Neurological Evaluation

The first visit:

We know that it is important for you to understand how we work and what we do. Plan on spending at least an hour at your first appointment where we prepare for your care and relationship with Dr. Gabella. Your first visit includes a consultation, health history, and preliminary full physical examination work up. It is also the time to receive feedback on your most important questions and gain a better grasp on how Functional Neurology is capable of remapping your brain.

Second visit:

The second appointment gives you 20-60 minutes with Dr. Gabella. It includes, but is not limited to, diagnostic testing that checks your brain function – eye movements, right and left brain activity, Vestibular stimulation, and various treatment modalities that are geared to activating brain structures that were found to be functioning abberantly. We will discuss whether your brain is or is not functioning correctly in relation to all the diagnostic and examination findings. From there we will discuss the probability of recovery and what you can expect in future visit. You and Dr. Gabella will discuss a detailed plan of action, how often to schedule your visits, which exercises are most beneficial, and a timetable for your rehabilitation exercises. This is also your time for you to discuss in which direction you would like to see your care go.

Treatment phase:

When a treatment plan is developed and in place, we insist patients schedule in advance to best serve your recovery. Each personal treatment plan varies due to your needs and progress. We make every effort to work with your work or personal schedule, and other responsibilities. We are confident that when you see the positive changes, you will regard your treatment as a top priority.

Summary of How We Work

Finding the Cause:

We use functional neurology to address brains that are under- or over-active. We use rehab exercises, along with eye exercises, dietary modifications, targeted nutritional and lifestyle adjustments, to restore brain chemistry, and light force chiropractic adjustments when indicated.

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