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About Us

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Clinical Neurology and Neuroplasticity:

Through the application of Clinical Neurology and the principles of Neuroplasticity, we provide brain-based stimulation & brain rehabilitation procedures to patients with a variety of complex health conditions.

Neurological rehabilitation and brain-based treatments are most effective when multiple sensory systems are simultaneously stimulated together. This form of multimodal neurological rehabilitation facilitates the rewiring of new connections between neurons to restore functional connectivity throughout the entire brain.

At Precision Brain center we offer cutting-edge treatment for patients that suffer from traumatic brain injuries, degenerative neurological diseases, neurodevelopmental disorders, and musculoskeletal issues. Since the brain is the control center for every function in the body, we approach your care by addressing the root cause of pathology. Restoration of brain health is achieved by providing unique individualized therapies tailored to your unique neurological strengths and weakness so that significant improvements in brain function and performance can be achieved in as little time as possible.

What is most beneficial about our approach is that results are obtained through precise stimulation, without utilizing drugs or surgery. Our goal is to stimulate your brain’s natural capacity for change and adaptation, enabling you to achieve optimal emotional, mental, and physical performance, as well as overall health and well-being.

Our positive outcomes are achieved through a process known as “neuroplasticity,” or the brain’s ability to adapt, change, and grow stronger when the proper stimulus is provided. Scientific research and extensive evidence have made neuroplasticity a widely-known concept, however clinical application providing practical treatment is very limited. This is due to the complex nature of the central nervous system, rewiring new connections requires that the specificity, timing, and intricate combinations of stimuli are precisely tailored to each individual’s brain. Dr. Gabella is an expert in Brain rehabilitation and neurological performance enhancement, offering hope for restoring brain health even in the most compromised patients.