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Customized Home Programs

Customized Home Programs

Our holistic approach to treatment encompasses therapies that address all aspects of an injury, illness or other health-related conditions. Whatever your specific needs may be, a specific exercise program will be designed to address your physiological deficits and optimize your neurological progression while you are out of the office and living the life you deserve.

At Precision Brain Center, our primary goal is to give our patients their lives back. Dr. Gabella does not want to create a treatment plan that requires patients to be dependent on continuous office visits. We want to treat you, get you better, and send you home to start living the happy healthy life you desire. We believe in empowering our patients to regain control over their current health state and commit to achieving better brain performance.

One way this is accomplished is by prescribing individualized at-home exercises, so patients can have the tools and resources to continue improving each day, without having to be dependent on coming into our office. We want our patients to be as autonomous as possible. This is why we will work diligently to get every patient accustomed to their individualized at home exercises. We will prescribe and monitor weeks to months of individualized home-based therapeutic exercises and look forward to seeing you on your way to health and longevity.

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