• Through the application of Functional Neurology and the principals of Neuroplasticity, we provide brain-based stimulation & brain rehabilitation procedures to patients with a variety of complex health conditions.

Restoration of brain health is achieved by a process known as “neuroplasticity,” . Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt, change, and grow stronger when the proper stimulus is provided. Scientific research and extensive evidence have made neuroplasticity a widely-known concept. However, applying the concept of neuroplasticity to practical treatment methods is very limited. This is due in part to the complex nature of the central nervous system. Rewiring new connections in the brain is achieved when stimulation is precisely tailored to the patient’s individual nervous system. This stimulation is done with respect to specificity, timing, and the intricate combination of stimuli. Dr. Gabella is an expert in Brain rehabilitation and neurological performance enhancement, offering hope for restoring brain health even in the most compromised patients.

Functional Neurology is a cutting-edge approach to Neurological Rehabilitation

Everything we do at Precision Brain Center is based on scientific evidence. We use the same therapies, diagnostic parameters, and biomarkers as other medical professionals, but we differ in how we combine them all together. A lot of people can bake a cake and might use the exact same sugar, eggs, butter, and flour, but some cakes just come out more delicious than others. Simply put, we use the very same ingredients everyone else does, but with our recipe, it comes out from the oven in a very unique, delightful manner.

The brain receives inputs from all sensory systems and must use that information efficiently to accurately construct meaningful responses. When the brain cannot integrate the information it receives, the result is an inaccurate model of the environment and an inability to function well in it.

Individuals that have a sensory and motor integration disorder can utilize our neurological rehabilitation approach to improve their brain’s ability to receive and process information. Our approach to neurological rehabilitation puts a heavy emphasis on creating precision and accuracy in eye movements and vestibular networks because these specific pathways can travel throughout the entire brain and activate almost all surrounding structures. The surrounding structures often carry out higher cortical functions such as memory, cognition, intelligence, and emotions. These functions seem completely unrelated to eye movements and balance but in reality are linked by heavy overlap. This is the reason why a person’s balance, gait, emotions, cognition, energy level, happiness, the perception of pain, sports performance, ability to think clearly, and all other higher level cortical functions are dependent on the accuracy of eye movements and vestibular integration.

The hard wired overlap between eye movement pathways and the vestibular system to all other human functions is what allows us to harness neuroplasticity and directly activate under-functioning brain structures.