Payment Options

Payment Options

Neurological Rehabilitation Payment Options

We are excited to be a specialty provider offering neurological rehabilitation and brain-based therapies. Unfortunately, many specialty healthcare services including Functional Neurology are not covered by insurance companies. We offer a cash-based fee for brain rehabilitation services.

Please call for more information and to learn how Precision Brain Center can treat the cause of your most bothersome symptoms.

Treatment sessions are 60 mins long and the fees are $350/60 mins of hands-on Brain Rehabilitation. The recommended number of visit necessary for recovery is highly variable based on the individual patient and the severity of their condition. Dr. Gabella will be completely transparent about the anticipated outcomes, level of recovery, and she will use her best clinical judgment to provide you with a recommended number of treatment sessions. It is essential that every patient is committed to their recovery in order for Dr. Gabella to achieve the best results and prognosis for your current health condition. The decision to receive treatment at Precision Brain Center is ultimately up to the patient to decide but recovery from neurological disorders requires compliance and responsibility from the patient. It is up to the doctor discretion to determine if the patient’s level of commitment to care is synonymous with what is necessary to achieve the desired results.

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