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Experience for yourself how treatment at Precision Brain Center can help you manage your most frustrating and persistent health issues. Invest in your brain health and be on your way to living a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.


Raleigh, NC Functional Neurologist

Functional Neurology and Brain Rehabilitation

This form of functional neurological rehabilitation
is specifically designed to target the various parts
of the vestibular system (inner ear, cerebellum),
which are at the root of conditions affecting
balance and coordination.

We use individualized balance training to address balance or gait impairments stemming from disorders of the sensory, motor or central nervous system.

This form of functional neurological rehabilitation is specifically designed to target the affected areas of the brainstem, cerebellum and cortex which are at the root cause of developmental disorders

At Precision Brain Center, we utilize the latest examination techniques to measure postural control, reaction times, body awareness, motor accuracy, eye movement accuracy & speed, cognitive abilities, and eye-hand coordination, in order to pinpoint the specific structures in the brain which are impaired by decreased functional connectivity. The same techniques used to evaluate brain function can also be utilized as targeted treatment therapies that will maximum neurological recovery and long-term health.

Why Functional Neurology Is Effective

Good brain health is the foundation for which all physical, mental, and emotional
well-being is dependent upon. The Brain is the master control center over all other
body systems. Maintaining a healthy brain is the wisest long term investment
anyone could make.

The science is simple:

Your Brain must be healthy in order for your body, organs, and muscles to be healthy.

The brain controls your body, and your body provides feedback to your brain.
When this relationship is disrupted, your health deteriorates.

By determining the underlying neurological dysfunction at the source of your
physical condition, we can address the root cause of your symptoms and help
you achieve long-lasting health in powerful and unique ways.

If we don’t evaluate the communication between the brain and body—or rather, the lack of proper communicating signals, it’s impossible to make significant changes in someone’s health. Through a comprehensive evaluation and leading-edge expertise, we examine how the brain interacts with other systems in the body including the autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and immune system. This unique perspective enables us to diagnose early stages of pathology, develop specific therapies to facilitate measurable functional improvements, and effectively manage a wide variety of complex health conditions.

What patients say About Precision Brain Center

  • I am not sure where to begin when it comes to evaluating Dr. Gabella. I originally met her back in October 2014 when I traveled down from Connecticut to the Carrick Brain Center in Marietta. I was a total neurological mess from all the concussions I sustained throughout my hockey career. After seeing countless doctors and specialists from Virginia to Boston, I was able to come across someone who was like no other. Dr. Gabella was literally the missing piece to my recovery and healing process. When all hope was gone, she gave me every reason to believe that I was going to get better through her superior skills and intuition to remap the brain and make the vital connections that I needed to have the quality of life back that I had prior to all my concussions. She was so great that I made another trip back in February 2015 for a follow up, where I specifically requested for her to be my doctor for the week. Another successful week was completed that I spent under the care of Dr. Gabella. Since opening her own practice, I made the obvious decision to continue seeing her for treatment, as I knew she would be the doctor that held the key to getting my health back. After three series of treatment, I have been given my life back that was once in shambles from all the concussions that I have received from hockey and a car accident. It’s a dream come true to have a doctor that truly cares for her patients and does not put a time limit on your treatment. She is simply amazing at what she does and I would not trust anyone else but Dr. Gabella with my health!

  • Joya Sabouni

    Dr. Gabella is brilliant, compassionate, and perceptive. Do not hesitate if you need any treatment she can provide. We have never had such a devoted and talented Doctor.

  • Juanit Leggett

    Dr. Gabella is the most caring, genuine, friendly, sincere Doctor. She is very knowledgeable and dedicated to her profession. I can go on and on with so many kind words to describe Dr. Gabella. "Thank You Dr. Gabella, you're truly blessed and have been a great blessing to me!"

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