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Vestibular Therapy & Balance Problems

Balance Training

Vestibular Therapy & Balance Problems

We use individualized vestibular therapy & balance training to address vertigo, dizziness, lightheadedness, and gait impairments which result from disrupted sensory and motor processing pathways in the central nervous system. Much of the modalities used in testing balance control can be used for therapy as well. Every modality utilized in a patient’s treatment is specific for activating brain structures that are found to be dysfunctional. Vestibular therapy can include exercises such as balance platforms, eye-head exercises, vestibular tone pacer, off-axis rotational therapy, gaze stabilization exercises, and various forms of stimulation which target precise brain structure and re-map proper connections that address vestibular symptoms and balance problems. All forms of treatment increase activation of cerebellar structures that control posture, head & eye yoked movements, and core stability. We also strive to include a variety of gait and balance training protocols to promote dynamic movement patterns and reflexogenic responses that are necessary for optimal human function. Treatment for vertigo & vestibular deficits requires brain-based therapies to re-wire neuron connects that allow for proper balance and coordination.

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