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Neuromuscular Activation

Neuromuscular activation is a form of brain rehabilitation that includes a variety of techniques focused on retraining motor control and muscle coordination.

Complex Movement Exercises

Neuromuscular activation aims to re-map accuracy in motor regions of the brain. Therapies are purposefully performed at specific locations which either activate a brain structure that is deficient or dampen excitation to a structure that is over-activated. These therapies may include copying movements, mirror therapy, uni-plainer motion, pointing, tracing complex images, or multi-planer complex movements. While these may seem like trivial movements to some, but when carried out in a very precise and accurate manner they are in fact very powerful forms of rehabilitation. Each particular movement pattern or therapy targets specifics brain structures.

Exercises may also include some of the following examples:
  • myofascial release techniques: a form of stretching technique that requires active motion on behalf of the patient
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation: a form of stretching that combines both passive motion, in conjunction with isometric muscle contraction on behalf of the patient
  • Percussor: a vibration tool that helps to reduce muscular tension, relax hypertonic muscles, and increase blood flow to the region by activating certain nerve endings in the muscle that respond to vibratory stimulation
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