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Good brain Better balance

Good Brain = Better Balance

Good Brain = Better Balance Do you wobble if you stand on one foot? How about with your eyes closed? If you walk in a straight heel-to-toe line do you stumble? How about with your eyes closed? If you stand with your feet together and close your eyes do you sway to one side? Do […]

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Depression Symptoms

What are depression symptoms? Are you or a loved one suffering from depression and in search of treatment that addresses the root cause? Contact our clinic to learn about our Brain Rehabilitation approach that will get you back on the road to living a happy life again! Below you will find an explanation from NIMH […]

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Biology of Repairing Brain Cells

Repairing Brain Connections

Researchers find a new pathway for neuron repair Researchers have discovered a brand-new pathway for repairing nerve cells that could have implications for faster and improved healing. These findings demonstrate that dendrites, the component of nerve cells that receive information from the brain, have the capacity to regrow after an injury. Using the fruit fly […]

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